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David Bazwell Rev. War Pension Application

Some researchers believe that David Bazwell, born in Virginia and moved to Caswell county, North Carolina is the father of Grancer Kindall Bazzell. Below are the transcribed letters found in his file in the National Archives. I will add more as I type them.

Grancer Kindall Bazzell is my gr gr gr gr grandfather. I found his headstone in a beautiful forested, quiet and old cemetery in the farm country of Calloway county Kentucky this summer. Also buried there, nearby are his neighbors, Rowland and Elizabeth Stone. Rowland was also a Revolutionary War Veteran. The census taker in 1840 listed him as "Rolling Stone".

April 11, 1833
. David Bazwell's Declaration - in which he appeared in court and described his service in the Revolution. This included his brother, John's testament to his sworn statement. David and Susan are living in Williamson Co 

Declaration of David Bazwell for a pension - page 1-
State of Tennessee, Williamson County
Court of Pleas and quarter sessions -April sessions AD1833

On this llth day of April 1833 personally appeared in open court now sitting before us William Johnson, Christopher E. Mulroney (?) Gilbert (?) Marshall (?) justices of the court of pleas and quarter sessions held for the county of Williamson in the state of Tennessee aforesaid David Bazwell a resident of said county and state aged 74 years who being first duly sworn according to law doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provisions of an act of Congress passed the 7th day (?) AD 1832 . That he entered the service of the United States under the following named officers and served as herein stated.

I was born in Virginia Mecklenburgh County in the year 1759 where I lived when I first entered the service substituting myself in the place of William Minon (?), into Capt. Green's Company. This tour was when there was a call for men to go to Norfolk, but I do not recollect the time, we were marched on towards Norfolk crossing Maharia (?) river in Ottoway county and had arrived near Dunwiddie nearly 100 miles from home when we were informed the British had left Norfolk. We then returned home. I served in this tour at least half a month.

While living at the same place, I entered as a substitute in the place of one George Stanback (?). I was stationed at Taylor's Ferry on Roanoke under a Continental Lieutenant by the name of Vowls (?). I served thirty days here guarding the magazine. I do not recollect the year in which this tour took place from the loss of memory and distance of time.

My father then removed with me to North Carolina, Person county. We were all numbered and classed in this county. Soon after my arrival it came to my turn to fight for my country. I entered into a company under the command of Capt. (?)Shideswk Hargas (?), and Lieutenant Weatherford (?). We marched to Hillsborough where we remained stationed guarding the General Assembly of North Carolina from invasion by the enemy. I served here until the three months, for which I had entered, expired, when I got a discharge for a tour of three months service. It was signed by the Capt. Last mentioned. After this I returned home, when having remained a short while I was called upon again by lot to serve my country. I entered into a company commanded by the same officers , viz Capt. Hargas (?) and Lieutenant Weatherford. We marched to the same place Hillsborough to guard the assembly again. We remained here in service three months when I was discharged again by my Capt.. They were both signed by (?) Hargas. I do not recollect the time when these different tours took place. I do not remember whether I got any written discharge or not in my Virginia tours. I sold one of my North Carolina discharges to Joe Murphy for fifteen shillings soon after the termination of the war. I sent the other by one Benjamin Douglas to an auction of muskets and Cartridge boxes that he might buy me a musket. He did so and gave in pay my certificate of service. I know of no person living who can prove my service as stated. My younger brother John can prove my leaving home and my returning in my different tours. I recollect of no officers except those mentioned who were with the troops where I served. While I was in my first or second tour at Hillsborough (N.C.) the battle of the Eautaw Springs took place in which my brother Robert was mortally wounded and soon after died.

I have not any record of my age it being destroyed. I have no documentary evidence of my service. I mention John Page, David Lamb, George Moppin (?) and Jesse Warren to whom reference can be had as to my character for veracity and their belief of my service in the revolution. I know of no person who can prove my service as stated. My brother knew when I went into service and when I returned.

I hereby relinquish every claim to a pension or an annuity whatever except the present and declare my name is not on the pension roll of any agency in any state. I came to Williamson county in the state of Tennessee about 11 years ago from Person county North Carolina, I have lived in Williamson county since and live in said county at this time.-
Sworn in open court 11th April 1833-
David Bazwell (X - his mark)

We Samuel Dunaway and William Warren residents of the county and state aforsaid do hereby certify that we are well acquainted with David Bazwell who has subsribed and sworn to the above declaration that we believe him to be 74 years of age, that he is reputed and believed in the neighborhood where he resides to have been a soldier of the revolution and that we concur in that opinion.-
Sworn in open court, 11th April 1833.
Samuel Dunnaway
William Warren------

I John Bazwell aged 62 years a resident of said county and state make oath, that I have been acquainted with David Bazwell my brother ever since I can recollect anything. I have read his declaration and have the best reason in the world to know it is true, except having seen the facts therein contained. I was too young myself to serve, but I know of my brother leaving home and his absence, and the reputation of his being in the service also of his return home. I know also that he was in the service when another brother Robert was mortally wounded at the Battle of the Eutaw Springs.-
Sworn in open court 11th April 1833.

November 11, 1840. Samuel Dunnaway's sworn statement in support of Susan Bazwell's claim to her deceased husband's pension. Samuel Dunnaway married David's sister, Keziah on Feb. 29, 1792 in Caswell County North Carolina. This letter is dated Nov. 11, 1840.

This is letter written on Nov. 11, 1840 to support Susan (Price) Bazwell's claim to David Bazwell's Revolutionary War Pension.

State of Tennessee - Davidson County.

Personally came before me John B. Hodges an acting Justice of the Peace for said County of Davidson Samuel Dunnaway of the county and State aforesaid, and after having been sworn in due form of law, deposith and saeth, That in addition to his affidavit, stating the time when the marriage of David Bazwell and Susan Price took place in the State of North Carolina of County of Caswell on his creek, that despondent was personally acquainted with the aforesaid David Bazwell and Susan Price, for six or seven years before their marriage, and at the time when they were married, said despondent went in company on to William Moore a Methodist Parson, who married the aforesaid David Bazwell and Susan Price and since said Marriage said despondent has been acquainted with the above named David Bazwell and Susan, his wife - with the exception of a few years up to the time that David Bazwell died, despondent furthermore states, that the reason why he has so correct an idea of the circumstances connected with the marriage oath of the aforesaid David Bazwell is in consequence of having married the sister of said David Bazwell.

Sworn to and subscribed this 11th day of November 1840 before John B. Hodges JP Davidson County.

(Signature) Samuel Dunnaway

State of Tennessee Davidson County

I hereby certify that I am well acquainted with Samuel Dunnaway, who has made oath as above stated, and from his known integrity that he is duly entitled to full faith and credit, given from under my hand and seal this day and date above written.
John B. Hodges JP

January 9, 1841. A letter to J.L. Edwards (commisioner of pensions) by one Nathaniel Borum (?) who later, as it turns out, (read next letter) absconded with Susan Bazwell's certificates and papers.

Nashville Tennessee
9th January 1841

J.L. Edwards Esquire - D. Of L.

Agreeable to your request I have obtained the necessary signatures and forwarded the same to your office, hoping that a pension may be obtained for the suffering applicant, Mrs. Basdel having engaged myself, in attempting to render service to the widows of those who bravely defended Our Country and its rights, in times of peril and danger, am solicitous to have all the claims that I may have presented to the department in order that the same may be attended to previous to the 4th of March, for I have fear the result of the appointment to different "Offices" by that weak, "imbecile" old man W.F. Harrison, who I presume from every circumstance is incompetent, to appoint, or Govern, this the only Republic on earth, altho modern Whiggery has so strenuously and fraudulently advocated his cause.

With the utmost respect
I am Your Obt Servt
Nathaniel Borum

*Note - this is probably the scoundrel who absconded later with Susan Bazzell's certificates and papers...Read letter of 1849. This man probably had a business "helping" widows of veterans.*

September 16, 1849. Testimony on behalf of Susan Bazzell (new spelling here) to tell of the swindle (above) and ask for new certificates and papers..which Nathaniel Borum has disappeared with. - Maury County TN.

*More testimony on behalf of Susan (Price) Bazwell to procure her claim to the pension of her husband, David Bazwell. This one was written Sept. 16, 1849 in Maury County, TN.

State of Tennessee Maury County

This day personally appeared Susan Bazzell (this is how it is spelled on document) an acting Justice of the Peace in afore said county and made oath that her deceased husband David Bazzell was a soldier of the Revolutionary war and drew a pension from the United States, that he died about December 1835 and that after the death of her said husband, a man by the name of Borwn (?) or some such name applied for her for a pension or prepared her papers thereafter and paid her a portion thereof that he retained her certificate and whatever papers she had, that said Borwn has died or removed and (?) affcant (?) has no knowledge of what has become of the papers. That she has thereby lost all papers connected therewith - That it is some eight years since said Borwn paid her any money or since she had any knowledge of said certificate or papers- She asks for a new certificate and the (?) moneys due her.-

Susan Bazzell- (her mark)

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 16th day of September 1849

F.A. Burke JP for Maury County

James H. Emerson
James P. Hickman

A Neighbor of the Bazzells in Calloway county KY was also a Revolutionary War Veteran. Rowland Stone, born in Ireland (Londonderry according to family history) came to America as a young child, contracted Small Pox onboard the ship he sailed on and lost an eye to the disease. I found this letter of his in the National Archives and transcribed it. Where it was difficult to read, there are question marks.

November 27 1832. Declaration of War Service by Rowland Stone, husband of Elizabeth Miller.

Commonwealth of Kentucky, Calloway County

On this 27th day of November in the year 1832 personally appeared before R. E. Daulood (?) , Elisha Hurd, William Jones and John Martin justices of Calloway County court now sitting, Rowland Stone a resident of the said County of Calloway and Commonwealth aforesaid aged sixty eight years who being duly sworn according to law doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress passed June 7th 1832.

That he entered the army of the United States under the following named officers and served as here stated. That he was drafted and entered the service in the state militia of South Carolina about the last of August 1780 under Capt. Samuel Rosemon, first Lieutenant James Watts, second Lieutenant Andrew Watts. (???? Hard to read here)...this Watts of Ninety Six district in South Carolina the applicant being a resident of said district. He states that he marched with his company to the (???) Northwest Mills on the Saluda River where he with his company was stationed by order of the Colonel (???) Anderson. He states that the object of this station was to protect this Mill so as to furnish (??) food and to be relief post for the American scouts foraging parties. He states that he served his term of service about seven months or something upwards during which time the station was commanded by the above named Lieutenants and Ensign, Capt. Rosemon being mostly at home or absent in service thought occasionally he visited the station as superintendent thereof. He states that after serving the said seven months he received a discharge from his first Lieutenant James Watts but that said discharge has long since been lost and he took no care of the same not expecting that it would ever be of any use to him. He has no documentary evidence of his service nor does he know of any living witness (????) he can procure to prove his services but his neighbors to wit, Richard Basil, Banister Wade, Vincent Wade, Bailey Anderson, (?) Ansel Wright, Sam Watson (?) Samuel Cochran and J. L. Murray will bear ample testimony as to his character for veracity and as to his reputation of having been a Revolutionary soldier. He states that he was born in Ireland on the 1st of August 1764. That he was brought to Philadelphia about three years before the Revolution and lived 5 years in Pennsylvania, that he moved to Ninety Six district during the Revolution and continued to live in South Carolina for more than thirty years thereafter when he moved to Tennessee where he lived near twenty years when he moved to Calloway County where he has been living about three years.
He hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present and declares that his name is not on the pension roll of the agency of any state whatever.
-Sworn and subscribed in open court the day and year aforesaid-
William Ellis (court officer)

Rowland Stone (his mark)