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Daniel and Jacob Shipman Items

Records concerning early Shipmans or Burlesons in North Carolina and Alabama. 

I found these in books in the public libraries in Shelby, North Carolina, the county seat of Cleveland county in North Carolina and in the public library in Huntsville, Alabama (which has a huge genealogy department with wonderful resources on every state in the union)

I visited the library in Shelby when I was in the area looking for the Sandy Run Babtist Church and Cemetery in Mooresboro, NC. This is the original church which Daniel Shipman belonged to in 1790. To my delight, I did find the church and took digital pictures. (See the pictures at a separate link on my Records ) It isn't the original building, but the fifth church building - but it is the same congregation, organized in 1782. Sandy Run lists Daniel Shipman as an early church member.I have cited the source where I could and know that many of these items have already been found and discussed by Shipman researchers. I just wanted to collect what I could to see it "first hand" for myself.

1. I found an interesting book called "History of Old Tryon and Rutherford Counties, North Carolina....1730-1936, by Clarence W. Griffin, county historian Rutherford County, N.C. Published by the Miller Printing Company in Asheville, North Carolina, 1937. This book was in the library in Shelby, North Carolina. Below are excerpted items connected to the Shipmans.
Page 10....(1770) Commissions as captains in the Tryon militia were presented by the following at the April term of court: Andrew Hampton, Abraham Kuykendoll, Henry Clark and Joseph Green. The following were commisioned as lieutenants: Patrick McDavid, Daniel Shipman. At the same time Perrygreen Magnes and John Branson presented commissions as ensigns in the Tryon militia, and Robert Blackburn was appointed captain "in a regiment of foot soldiers commanded by Thomas Neal" (April 1770)
Page 17. ...( a list of militia commanders for the year 1775)
"Captain Kuykendall's company: Abraham Kuykendall, William Thomason, Robert McMinn.

 2. Another interesting book in the same library in Shelby was " A Broad River Digest ..for family and friends" by Irene Roach Delpino. This book is a historical look at the early history of the Broad River area in North Carolina, where the early Gages, Shipmans and others connected to this family were early settlers.

Pg. 137..footnote #22.."For example, in October, a road jury were appointed of men whose lands were located on the middle and western branches of Sandy Run: Isaac Suttle, William Webb, William Wilson, Shadrack Green, John Kuykendall, Daniel Gage, Robert Lee, Samuel Blackburn, John Stanford and Daniel Shipman, Sen. (Minutes, Op. Cit. Oct. 1785, pg. 113 [=298]. Isaiah Blackwell is sometimes a witness to deeds in the area.Pg. 153... "Abraham Kuykendall's Muster Ground" was on Grog Creek from the Revolutionary period, on the "High Shoals Path", where adult males of the community met for a monthly drill. A deed of James Kitchersides locates it as just south of the path from Kuykendall's to the High Shoal; was it in the Trinity area or a little Northwest? The old "Volunteer Road" (the cross road) must have led to it."
(On same page).. "The people who used the first Meeting House undoubtedly lived on and near the path from High Shoals to Grog Creek and Sandy Run and environs, and possibly along a path down present Pea Ridge towards the old Rocky Branch [Riddle's Creek on a 1935 map] that emptied at Cliffside, on to the ferry crossing the mouth of Sandy Run. The land records show families of Abraham Kuykendall, Thomas and Reuben Warren, Daniel, William, James and John Webb, William Collins, John Ashworth, James Kitchersides, John Fowler, John Turner, Joel and Isaiah Blackwell, and Suttles, Hills, Gages, Shipmans, Camps and many others of what would have been roughly Capt. Vinsant's company on the 1782 tax list of Rutherford county, and neighboring Russell's. I have done no thorough study of Grog Creek-Hill's Creek-Second Broad residents in the 1780's and 1790's, but do not by the way that a number of the earliest were Loyalists who moved on.
Pg. 163..footnote #51..."Deed show him (David Liles) grantee seven times. The first dates are recording dates; from Daniel Shipman Jr.., Sandy Run, 1796 (M-Q: 296; made Sept. 16, 1794); from William Wilson, S. Side 1st Broad, 1800(Vol. 15-17: 7)....(lists the other to make up the seven here) 

3. From the "Abstracts of Deeds, Volume A-D, 1779- 1786, Rutherford County, North Carolina, compiled and edited by John Plath Green.Pg. 213...(Oct. 27 1779) John Kuykendall of Beaufort county, NC, conveying 200 acres on the south fork of Broad River to Samuel King of Rutherford county, NC for 65 £ proclamation money; witnesses: William Gilbert, William Mills; patented to Andrew Neel on 2 March 1775 and by him conveyed to John Kuykendall on March 28, 1778.Pg 56...(July 24, 1781) Frederick Hawkins of Rutherford county, NC, conveying 132 acres on Puzzle Creek, including the Race Paths, to William Gilbert of the same county, for 100 £ lawful money of NC; witnesses: James Miller, Thomas Morris, Stephen Willis; adjoining landowners: Jacob Kuykendall, Mary Armstrong; patented (in part) to Jacob Kuykendall and Mary Armstrong and by them conveyed to Frederick Hawkins on the 20 March.Pg. 4 (March 28 1778) Benjamin Kuykendall of Tryon County, NC, conveyed 300 acres on a branch of Broad River to Joseph Kuykendall of the same county for 75£; adjoining property owners: John Ervin, ----Willis; witnesses: W. I. Samkins, Benjamin B. Hardin.

4. From "Rutherford County, North Carolina , Abstract of Deeds..1773-1795, abstracted by Caroline Heath Davis.. Published in 1973"
J:91, No. 1086. (Jan. 17, 1787) Elisha Hardcastle to Edmond Shipman for 10£, paid by the sd. "Daniel Shipman" land on both sides middle fork of Sandy Run. Rec. 4 Dec. 1793. Daniel Gage, Thos. Norman.

J:79, No. 1074 (March 18, 1787) Edmond Kanady to Daniel Shipman for 70£. Proc. Money of NC. 200 acres on both sides of Sandy Run adj. Thomas Rannolds, David Gage, Timothy Riggs. Land was granted to sd. Kanady by Alex Martin, Governor of State of NC (no date given). Rec. 20 Nov. 1793. John S. Gage, John Morrow.J:68, No. 1062 North Carolina Grant No. 676, Martin to Charles Breadlove for 10 £ every 100 acres., tract of 200 acres on branch of Sandy Run adj. Daniel (David?) Shipman, George Moore, and Robert Irvine and his own land, Jan. 4, 1792. Rec. August 24, 1793.E:15, No. 551 (August 14, 1786) Thomas Welsh of Lincoln County, NC., planter, to Isaac Crawford of Rutherford Co. For 40 £. NC money, 100 acrs on both sides middle fork Sandy Run of Broad River granted to Daniel Shipman by Pat. Dt'd. Jan. 5, 1772. Jno. Seffret, Jesse Reynolds, Hennery X Landis.

 5. From " Marriage Bonds of Tryon and Lincoln Counties, North Carolina. Abstracted and Indexed by Curtis Bynum..1929 (in Shelby, North Carolina Public Library)
Kuykandall (Kuykendall), John; Haggarty, Nancey; Jacob X Shipman; Jan. 19, 1779.

 6. From "Tennesseans in the War of 1812" transcribed and indexed by Byron and Samuel Sistler, Nasheville, TN, 1992. This book was in the Hardin County, TN public library in Savannah, TN.Pg. 456...Shipman, Daniel, Cpl, Col. Robert Steele, Capt. Bennett. Mil Inf.Pg. 456...Shipman, Isaac, Pvt, Col. Robert Steele, Capt. Jas. Bennett. Mil Inf.

 7. From "Tennessee Land Grants, Volume II, surnames L-Z and cross index. By Barbara, Byron and Samuel Sistler, Nasheville, TN 1998.This book was in the Hardin County, TN public library in Savannah, TN.Pg. 322.Shipman, AD (P) 1850, 425a, M district, bk 60c, p. 410, g#21566
Shipman, Charles (B) 1829, 23a, M district, bk 11c, p. 468, g#9223
Shipman, Charles (B) 1829, 20a, M district, bk 11c, p. 582 g#9336
Shipman, Daniel (RU) 1809, 200a, G district, bk H, p. 365, g#1217
Shipman, Daniel (B) 1819, 12a, G district, bk P p. 429, g#13119
Shipman, Daniel (B) 1819, 15a, G district, bk P p. 428, g#13127
Shipman, Daniel (B) 1823, 15a, G district, bk V p. 798, g#19730
Shipman, Daniel (WY) 1825, 20a, G district, bk AA p. 678, g#23762
Shipman, Daniel (B) 1829, 46+a, M district, bk 11 p. 583, g#9337
Shipman, Daniel (WY) 1830, 10a, G district, bk DD p. 580, g#26057
Shipman, Daniel D.L. (CR) 1850, 182.5a, W district, bk 14, p. 775, g#11244
Shipman, G.W. (P) 1882, 282.5a, M district, bk 26 zeta p. 46, g#26219
Shipman, George (WY) 1830, 3a, G district, bk DD p. 575, g#26052
Shipman, George (HI) 18310, 82a, G district, bk DD p. 611, g#26070
Shipman, George (WY) 1831,20a, G district, bk DD p. 612, g#26093
Shipman, Isaac(P) 1832, 10a, W district, bk 3-A p. 138, g#1966
Shipman, Isaac(WY) 1848, 25a, M district, bk 3oc p. 525 g#18819
Shipman, J.H. (P) 1848, 67a, M district, bk 3 p. 271, g#29329
Shipman, Jacob(W) 1816, 100a,G district, bk M p. 404, g#8760
Shipman, Jacob(W) 1816, 9a,G district, bk M p. 403, g#8761
Shipman, Jacob(W) 1816, 9a,MTN district, bk 6 p. 411, g#8761
Shipman, Jacob(CR) 1849, 200a,W district, bk 12 p. 642, g#9437
Shipman, Jane(P) 1847, 128a,M district, bk 2oc p. 569 g#28693
Shipman, John R. (P) 1837, 30a,G district, bk FF p. 179, g#26769
Shipman, R.S.& J.H. (P) 1848, 67a,M district, bk 3oc p. 271, g#29329
Shipman, Stephen(HD) 1850, 116a,W district, bk 14 p. 498, g#10967
Shipman, Stephen(HD) 1854, 247.75a,M district, bk 8oc p. 475, g#23546
Shipman, William(B) 1825, 60a,M district, bk 2 p. 620, g#1382
(that is ALL the Shipman names listed in this book) 

 8. From "Sims Settlement - Our Squatter Ancestors - 1806-1818, by Robert Dixon and Bob Priest.,© Ruth Dixon Assoc. Inc., 3715 Upton Street NW, Washington DC , 1989. This book was in the public library in Huntsville, AL.
Pg. 20 ..Pettitioners removed from Limestone Settlement, above the settlement, Beaver Dam Fork, and Piney Creek, 1809....Jno. Burleson. (And others, I list only his name here)
pg. 21, Appendix III. Bought Madison County Land, 1809-1816. James and John Burleson. (And others, I list only their names here)
(same page) 1816 Madison county census: John, Jonathan and James Burleson. (And others, I list only their names here)
pg. 22 Appendix IV, War of 1812 Veterans - Madison County Militia, Perkins' 7th Regiment, War of 1812. James and John Burlison (and others, I list only their names here).
Pg. 23, Appendix V, All 1810 Petition Signers...John, Jonathan and James Burleson. And on pg. 26 of same appendix...Isaack Shipman. On page 27 of same appendix is listed Robert Thresher (Thrasher?)

 9. Alabama 1811 - 1819 Decennary Census Index - editor Ronald Vern Jackson et al. Publisher A.G.E.S., PO box 2127, Salt Lake City, Utah 84110-2127. This book was in the library in Huntsville, AL.
Shipman, Daniel, Madison county AL tax list, 1815
Shipman, Daniel, Madison county, Mississippi Territory Census 1816
Shipman, Jachob, Madison county AL tax list, 1815
Shipman, Jacob, Madison county, Mississippi Territory Census 1816