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Bethel Baptist Church



 We the Baptist Church of Christ met in conference Saturday preceeding the third Lord's day in April 1850 and set in order a petition.  Came before this body for a letter of dismission and granted

            We dismiss our beloved_______ from this church body in full fellowship whenever attached to any other church of the same faith and order.







            Mary J. Roberts                                    by Baptism                   1856

            Susan E. Cunningham             by Baptism                   1857

            Eugene E. Cunningham                       by Baptism                   1857

            J. B. Cunningham                                by Baptism                   1860    (November 4th)

            Lovey D. Peck                          by Baptism                   1860    (November 4th)

            Mary Adams                             by Letter                      1860    (November 3rd)

 1st Line not readable

we had which resulted in the election of Bros. J. B. Cunningham, E. Autry and A. S. Dorris our Pastor.                                                                                          

A. S. Dorris       Moderator And Clerk

July the 6th 1861  

We the Church of Christ met at Sulphur Creek on Saturday before the LordÕs day in July and after sermon by Bro. A. S. Dorris was

Called to set in conference first called for the peace of the Church.

All in Peace.

Opened the way for the reception of members.

None came forward.

Call for references

None found

New business.  Moved to adjourn.

S. Dorris           Moderator

And                  Clerk


A List of Members at Sulphur of the Baptist Church


J. B. Cunningham                                                                                                        1            D

Nancy G. Cunningham             Dead 1870                                                       2        

J. T. Robertson                                                                                                3         D

Mary J. Robertson                                Dead 1871                                                       4

E. H. Autry                                           Dismissed by Letter                                          5

Elizabeth G. Autry                                Dismissed by Letter                                          6

C. B. Robertson                                   Dismissed by Letter                                          7

Betheny Robertson                              Dismissed by Letter                              8

W. L. Robertson                                                                                               9

Susan E. Robertson                                                                                         10

R. H. Roberts                                       Died March 1874                                  11        CC

Judith E. Roberts                                                                                             12

Harriet Pack                                         Dead 1877                                           13

Minerva Frazier                                                                                                 14

Lovey D. Pack                                                                                                  15

Nancy E. Byrd                                                                                                  16

Irvin Roberts                                                                                                     17

D. G. Roberts                                                                                                   18

Jose C. Garrett                                                                                                 19

Francis Burks                                                                                                   20

Elizabeth Barnett                                                                                             21

Mary Myrick                                                                                                      22

Elizabeth Grinaway                                                                                          23

Susan M. Grinaway                                                                                          24

Mary A. Jinkins                         Dead                                                                25

Jimmy Jinkins                           Dead September 20, 1873                               26

Manda  Sawyers                                                                                              27

Mary S. Smithwick                                Dismissed by Letter                              28

S. C. Roberts                                                                                                   29

Sarah A. Brown                                    Dismissed                                                         30


E. S. Covey                                          Dead 1870                                           32

Nancy C. Covey                                   Dismissed by Letter                              33

James H. Roberts                                                                                             34

Martha A. Roberts                                                                                            35

Elizabeth A. Jinkins                              Dismissed by Letter                              36

W. A. Garrett                                                                                                    37

Martha A. Wood                                                                                               38

Mary A. Wood                          Dead 1870                                                       9

Elizabeth Wood                                                                                                            40

Elizabeth Pack                                                                                                 41

Mary F. Pyburn                                                                                                 42

Nancy Wood                                                                                                      43

Susanah Franks                                                                                               44

W. D. McAnelley                                                                                               45

Jerymiah Wood                        Excluded 1868                                                 46

Cornelia V. Wood                                                                                             47

Paralee Cherry                                                                                                 48

Charley Tankersby                               Excluded                                              49

David Tankersby                                  Excluded                                              50

Rosanah Tankersby                                                                                         51

Booker A. Roberts                                                                                            52

William C. Sawyers                                                                                           53

Enoch Morris                                                                                                    54

Manda Timms                                                                                                   55

Emaline Sawyers                                                                                              56

John S. Jinkins                                                                                                 57

Robert D. Campbell                              Dismissed by Letter                              58

Mary Counce                                        By Experience Ð Dead 1871                59

Elizabeth Timms (Tinder?)                    Dismissed by Letter                              60

Annelizer Jinkins                                                                                              61

Martha Counce                        Dismissed by Letter                                          62

Hester Ellen Campbell                                                                                      63

Martha E. Campbell                  Dismissed by Letter                                          64

T. Johnson                                           Dismissed by Letter Aug. 15, 1868       65

Elizabeth Hoover                                  Dead                                                    66

Janey Covey                                        Dismissed by Letter                              67

Martha E. Roberts                                                                                            68

James Counce, Sr.                               Dismissed by Letter                              69

William Hammick                                   Dismissed by Letter 1868                     70

Mary E. H. Hammick                 Dismissed by Letter 1868                                 71

Noble W. Covey                                                                                               72

Decy A. Stephenson                                                                                        73

John Hoover                                        Dismissed by Letter                              74

Jane Hoover                                        Dismissed by Letter                              75

James Counce, Jr.                               Dismissed by Letter                              76

Joseph Turner                          Dismissed by Letter                                          77

Elizabeth Stiphenson               Dismissed by Letter                                          78

Thomas Counce                                   Dismissed by letter                               79

Arreaney Byrd                          B                                                                      80

Mary Jane Byrd                                    B                                                                      81

Nancy Jane Counce                             By Letter                                              82

Mary Wood                                           Dismissed by Letter                              83

Carles Wood                                        Dismissed by Letter                              84

Jessee Wood                                       Dismissed by Letter                              85

Mary T. Wood                           B                                                                      86

Eli Frankes                                           Re                                                        87

Margarett Frankes                                B Ð Dead                                             88

W. M. Warren                           B Ð Excluded                                                   89

Sarah Warren                           By Letter                                                          90

Riley Warren                                         By Letter                                              91

Elizabeth Warren                                  By Letter                                              92


Benjamin Whit                          B Ð Dead                                                         94

Rebeca E. Tanerley                             By Letter                                              95

Wilson Shipman                                   By Letter                                              96

Elizabeth Shipman                               By Letter                                              97

Roda Tankestey                                   By Letter                                              98

Sarah Bachelor                                    By Letter                                                          99

Martha A. Robertson                B                                                                      100

Julean Grinaway                                  B                                                          101

Nicey Brose                                          By Letter                                              102

Margarit Brooks                                    B                                                                      103

Joseph Brooks                         B                                                                      104

William H. Counce                                B Ð Dead                                             105

Lafayett Counce                                  By Letter                                              106

Alice Hoover                                                     By Letter                                  107

Nancy Burnes                                      By Letter                                              108

Jane Burnes                                                    By Letter                                  109

Saloma Gorden                                                By Letter                                              110









A Revised List of the Members of Bethel


Church Officers


J. B. Cunningham                                Deacon                                                              1

J. T. Robertson                        Deacon                                                                        2

J. S. Jenkins                                        Church Clerk                                        3


Lay Members


W. L. Robertson                                                                                               4

G. D. Roberts                                                                                                     5

J. C. Roberts                                                                                                    6

J. H. Roberts                                                                                                    7

W. A. Garrett                            Dead                                                                  8

W. D. McAnally                                                                                                   9

B. A. Roberts                                                                                                   10

W. C. Sawyers                                                                                                  11

Enoch Morris                            Dismissed                                                         12

N. W. Covey                                         Gone                                                   13

Joseph Turner                          Gone                                                               14

B. White                                                                                                           15

Joseph Brooks                                                                                                 16

J. A. Poindexter                                                                                                           17

John Roberts                           Dismissed by Letter                                         18

Andy Robertson                                   Dismissed by Letter                                          19

James South                            Dismissed by Letter                                         20

Andy Roberts                           Dismissed by Letter                                          21

John Counce                           Received by Baptism                                        22

Sanders Roberts                                  Received by Baptism                             23

P. D. Roberts                                       Received by Baptism                            24

David Roberts                          Received by Baptism                                       25

J. A. Jenkins                                        Received by Baptism                             26

?. Hoover                                 ?1890  Received by Baptism                            27

J. M. Counce, Jr.                                                                                              28




The 26 of May 1874



S. E. Robertson                                   Dismissed by Letter                                          1

J. E. Roberts                                        Dismissed by Letter                              2

Manerva Frazier                                   Dead                                                    3

J. D. Pack                                            Dead                                                    4

N. E. Byrd                                            Dead                                                    5

Irvin Roberts                                                                                                     6

J. C. Garrett                                         Dead                                                    7

Frances Brooks                                    Dismissed                                                         8

Elizabeth Barnett Timms                                                                                   9

Mary Myrick                                          Dismissed                                             10

Elizabeth Grinaway                  Dead                                                                12        ?

S. M. Robertson                                   Dismissed by Letter                              13

Mandy Sawyers                                                                                                            14

M. A. South                                          Dismissed by Letter                              15

Elizabeth Wood                                                                                                            16

Elizabeth Pack                         Dismissed                                                         17

M. F. Pyburn Bair                                                                                             18

Nancy Wood                                                                                                    19

Susan Franks                                                                                                   20

C. N. Wood                                                                                                      21

Parlee Cherry                                                                                                   22

Manda Broadaway                               Dismissed                                             23

Emeline Sawwyers                               Dismissed                                             24

A. E. Jenkins                                        Dead                                                    25

H. E. Shields                                        By Letter                                              26

Elizabeth Hoover                                  Dead                                                    27

M. E. Atkins                                          Dismissed                                             28

Dicey Stephenson                                Dead                                                    29

Aireny Byrd                                          Dead                                                    30

M. J. Byrd                                                                                                         31

Mary Wood                                                                                                       32

Elizabeth Stephenson                                                                                      33

Elizabeth Shipman                                                                                           34

M. A. Robertson                                   Dismissed by Letter                              35

July Grinaway                           Dead                                                                36

Vicy Broe                                             Dismissed by Letter                              37

Magee Brock                                                                                                    38

Jose Poindexter                                                                                                           39

Susan Roberts                                                                                                 40

Nancy Fields                                        Dismissed by Letter                              41

Lee Fields                                            Dismissed by Letter                              42

Minta Cook                                                                                                       43

Mary Cook                                                                                                        44

Mary E. Roberts                                                                                               45

Nancy Counce                                                                                                 46

Susan Byrd                                                                                                      47

Sarah Counce                                                                                                  48

Nancy Battles                                                                                                   49

B? Roberts                                                                                                       50

M. J. Roberts                                                                                                   

M. A. Jenkins                                                                          

Aliner Jenkins                                                                          

Ann Roberts

Ella Counce

M? Counce


Saturday before the 3d Sunday in June 1867


After preaching by Brother D. Kendall the church met in conference.

Elected Brother E. S. Covey as Pastor for the balance of this year.

It was moved and second that this church unite with the Tishomingo Baptist Association by sending delegates and a ? by letter.  After some remarks by Brother Covey and Kendall it was unanimously carried.

Done in Conference and signed by order of the same  E. Covey          Moderator

                                                                                                R. H. Roberts   C.C.





Saturday before 3d Sunday in August 1867


Church met in conference.  Moved and seconded that an arm of this church be established at Woodses School House on the North Bank of Tennessee River 3 ½ miles from this church.  Doors opened and 2 received by experience.



Saturday before the 3d Sunday in September 1867


Church met in conference.  Business called for and was none on hand.  Doors opened and none received.                                                             E. S. Covey      Moderator

                                                                                    R. H. Roberts   C. C.



Saturday before the 3d Sunday in October 1867


Church met in conference.  And the Doors of the church was opened for the reception of members and received 4 by recommendation and 2 by Experience.

                                                                                    E. E. Covey      Moderator

                                                                                    R. H. Roberts   C.C.


(The minutes on this page went from 1867, 1869 and 1870)





Saturday before the 3d Sunday in June 1869


Church met in conference and administered the LordÕs Supper and the Doors of the church was opened and three joined by experience and waiting Baptism.

                                                                                    E. S. Covey      Moderator

                                                                                    R. H. Roberts   C. C.


Saturday before the 3d Sunday in April 1871


Church met in conference.  Moved and seconded to elect a Paster for the ? time of Brother E. S. Covey and the church elected Brother J. D. Skinner.

                                                                                    J. D. Skinner    Moderator

                                                                                    R. H. Roberts   C. C.


Saturday before the 2d Sabath in October 1871


Church met in conference.  Moved and seconded to Elect a paster for the next year and the church elected Brother J. D. Skinner.

                                                                                    J. D. Skinner    Moderator

                                                                                    R. H. Roberts   C. C.


Church met in conference the 2nd Sabath in April 1874


Moved and seconded to elect a Paster for the next year and the church elected Brother John Hoover.  There being a vacancy for church clerk caused by the death of Brother R. H. Roberts it was moved and seconded to elect one.  Which resulted in the choice of Brother J. S. Jinkins.  And by request of the Paster, Saturday meetings were dispensed with for the present.                                                                                   John Hoover    Moderator

                                                                                    J. S. Jinkins      Clerk


Church met 2nd Sabath in May


After an able sermon by the Paster church went in conference.  It was moved and second to appoint Brother D. Roberts to act as Deacon in the absence of Brother Cunningham which  move went into affect.  After a short speech by the paster and church communion The LordÕs Supper was administered.                                            John Hoover    Moderator

                                                                                    J. S. Jinkins      C. C.


Church met 2nd Sabath in June 1874


After a filling sermon by the Paster the doors of the church were open for the reception of members and there was none received.  After a few preliminary remarks by the Paster services were closed.                                                   John Hoover    Moderator

                                                                                    J. S. Jinkins      C. C.


Church met 2nd Sabath in August 1874


After Preaching by the paster, the doors of the church were open for the reception of members none received.  After which the clerk was called on to read the church letter which was done and the letter was adopted and it was moved and second to elect delegates to the Association which move was adopted and L. C. Roberts, Albert Garett and J. S. Jinkins in case of failure was elected.                                          John Hoover    Moderator

                                                                                    J. S. Jinkins      C. C.


Church met in conference 2nd Sabath in October 1874


According to previous appointment the Paster preached the funeral of Brother R. H. Roberts and after sermon the doors of the church were opened and there was four candidates presented themselves for membership and received.

                                                                                    John Hoover    Moderator

                                                                                    J. S. Jinkins      C. C.


Church met 2nd Sabath in November 1874


After preaching the church went in conference.  The doors of the church opened and P. A. Poindexter and Fanny Poindexter presented their selves for membership and was received and when services was over the candidates was Baptized.

                                                                                    John Hoover    Moderator

                                                                                    J. S. Jinkins      C. C.

Church met 2nd Sabath in August 1875


After preaching, church went in conference and it was moved and second to elect delegates to the Association which move was adopted and Brother L. C. Roberts and G. D. Roberts was elected and J. S. Jinkins and James Roberts in case of failure.

                                                                                    John Hoover    Moderator

                                                                                    J. S. Jinkins      C. C.



Church met 2nd Sabath in March 1876


After services the doors of the church were open and John Roberts presented himself for membership and was received.  After which the services was closed.

                                                                                    John Hoover    Moderator

                                                                                    J. S. Jinkins      C. C.



Church met 2nd Sabath in April 1876


After services the doors of the church was open and Suda Roberts presented herself for membership and was received after which the services was closed.

                                                                                    John Hoover    Moderator

                                                                                    J. S. Jinkins      C. C.



Church met 2nd Sabath in May 1876


After services the congregation went to the water and according to previous appointment

Suda Roberts and John Roberts was Baptized.                       John Hoover    Moderator

                                                                                    J. S. Jinkins      C. C.



Church met 2nd Sabath in June 1876


After services the LordÕs Super was administered after which the services was closed.

                                                                                    John Hoover    Moderator

                                                                                    J. S. Jinkins      C. C.

Church met in Conference the 8th day of September 1877


B. A. Roberts and wife were dismissed by letter and L. C. Roberts and J. S. Roberts were elected Deacons after which the service was closed.                            J. Hoover            Moderator

                                                                                                J. S. Jinkins      C. C.




Church met 2nd Sabath in July 1877


After preaching the LordÕs Supper was administered to the church.  Brother Hoover and Brother Jinkins officiating.                                                                     J. Hoover            Moderator

                                                                                                J. S. Jinkins      C. C.



Second Sabath in April 1878


Church went in conference and it was moved and second to elect a paster for the issuing year and Robert Moore was elected after which delegates to the Association was elected.  J. S. Jinkins and J. H. Roberts and J. S. Roberts in case of failure.                                                                                                                                             John Hoover    Moderator

                                                                                                            J. S. Jinkins      C. C.



For the Baptist Church of Christ at Iuka Miss certify that Sister Nancy Fielder and Sister Lou Fielder are member of this church in full fellowship and good standing with us and at their request we dismiss from us where they shall have joined some other church of same faith and order done by order of conference this June 1878.                                                                                                                              L. R. Burres      Moderator

                                                                                                T. Reid             Clerk


First Sabath in June 1879

The church met in conference it was moved and second to elect a paster for the year 1879 and Brother John Hoover was elected.

                                                            John Hoover    Moderator

                                                                                                J. S. Jenkins    C. C.



2nd Sabath in July 1879


Church met in conference and the doors of the church open and Sister Mary Roberts was received in full membership by letter and Sister M? Smith dismissed by Letter

                                                                                                John Hoover    Moderator

                                                                                                J. S. Jinkins      C. C.


Church met in conference 2nd Sabath in September 1879


The doors of the church was opened for the reception of members, and Sister Nancy and Tim Fielder Paine by letter and Henry South and Andy Robertson and Mary E. Roberts by experience and was baptized the following week.

                                                                                                John Hoover    Moderator

                                                                                                J. S. Jinkins      C. C.


Church met in conference 2nd Sabath November 1881


It was moved and seconded that Brother John Hoover be elected paster by Acclimation which move was sustained by a vote of the church after which the services was closed with Harmony prevailing and so forth.                                                                                 

John Hoover    Moderator

                                                                                                J. S. Jinkins      C. C.



Church met 2nd Sabath September 1884


In Conference and Alex Roberts and Mary Battes joined the church and was received in full fellowship.  Also on the second Sabath in Oct. 1884 Bell Roberts was received in the church in full fellowship.                                                                                  

John Hoover    Moderator

                                                                                                J. S. Jinkins      C. C.



Church met 3rd Sabath in May 1886


The following named brother and sisters was dismissed by letter.  J. H. Roberts, Juda Roberts, Alex Roberts, Mary Roberts, Lew Fielder, Mandy Fielder, James South, Mat South

J. M. Curlin       Moderator Proten

                                                                                                J. S. Jinkins      C. C.



Church met 5th Sabath in August 1886


In conference the following named Brother and Sisters was received by Baptism, John Counce, Dave Roberts, Sanders Roberts, J. T. Roberts, J. A. Jenkins, J. Hoover, M. A. Jenkins, Almer Jenkens, Ann Roberts

                                                                                                J. M. Corbin      Moderator

                                                                                                J. S. Jenkins    C. C.

Church met 4th Sabath in September 1888


And in conference J. M. Counce joined the church and J. S. Jenkins, J. M. Counce and G. D. Roberts was appointed delegates to carry the church letter and represent the church in the Association at Iuka Miss on the first Friday in October.                                                                                                                                    Benj. Talor       Moderator

                                                                                                J. S. Jinkins      C. C.


Church in conference 4th week of September 1889


Received the following members, T. B. Counce and wife Maty Counce by letter and Martha Counce, Lidie Counce, Coly Roberts, Linia Roundtree, Emery Young, Aney Young, S. M. Denis, Mary Mores?, Wills Roberts, Tany Clunce, T? Hoover, Richard Roberts, Harris Counce by Baptism.  Brother S. E. Counce by Letter, G. Broadaway by restoration Setpember 24, 1888.                                       Benj. Taylor      Moderator

                                                                                                J. S. Jenkins    Church Clerk


Church met September 12, 1890


In conference to receive as members, J. C. Roberts and Bill Roberts by letter and Susy Jenkins by Baptism.  J. M. Counce, Tany Counce, J. S. Jenkins, Jimmy Counce, was elected delegates to the Association which meets Friday before the first LordÕs day in October 1890.  By request, letter of dismissal was granted Brother J. Hoover and Sister Mary Morris.

                                                                                                B. F. Taylor      Moderator

                                                                                                J. S. Jenkins    Clerk


            Church in Conference LordÕs day of September 1891


- - ? - - D. G. Roberts, J. M. Counce, W. C. Sawyers to act with her sister churches at Saturday meeting 16 day of September 1891 for the purpose of forming a new Association.  Also received a letter to Tany Counce.                                                             R. D. Ji---            Moderator

                                                                                                J. S. Jenkins    Clerk


Church met in Conference the 27th day of August 1893


Brother W. N. Blanton and Sister Lisey Blanton was received into the Church by letter.  Also sister M. M. Blanton and the following names by Baptism, Walter Roberts, W. H. Counce, Lucy Counce, Bessie Counce, Arther Roberts.  After which conference adjourned and good will prevailing.

Fred Whitaker   Moderator                                                        J. S Jenkins     C. C.                                       

Church met in Conference 16th day of September 1893


Delegates appointed to represent the church in the Association the following Brethren was appointed, J. M. Counce and T. N. Cpounce, W. N.. Blanton.  After which conference was adjourned.                                                       Fred Whitaker Moderator

                                                                                                J. S. Jenkins     Ch. C.


Church met in Conference 21st day of September 18?


J. S. Jenkins tendered his resignation as Clerk of the Church and the church granted his request and the Church elected Brother Walter Roberts as Clerk.  Charges was made against Brother Luis Broadway, it was moved and second that the church withdraw fellowship from Bro. Broadway.  It was moved and second that a committee be appointed to visit David Roberts as there was charges referred against him.  J. M. Counce and T. B. Counce was appointed a committee.  Moved and second that a committee be appointed to investigate charges on bad reports in circulation against J. A. Jenkins.  D. G. Roberts and W. H. Counce was appointed.  It was also moved that the church suspend Bro. T. S. Roberts - - ? - -It was moved that the church meet Saturday beofre the 4th Sabath in October.



Bethel Church of Christ


Met on Saturday before the first LordÕs day in October 1896.  Convened in conference.  J. G. Roberts was elected to act as Moderator to do some business to wit.  James Jenkins case was referred to committee.  J. S. Roberts, T. B. Counce to wat? The brothers.  It was all so that a committee appointed Brother David Roberts, J. Roberts, W. H. Counce as committee was to go to Sister Dasy Marlar to Brother Bird Dufy, O. S. Blakly.  Charge with joining some other the case J. T. Counce the father and mother to see him on Sunday before the church convened in conference and elected delegates to the Harmony Association that commenced at Center Hill, Saturday before the second Sunday.  Delegates T. B. Counce, W. H. Counce, O. S. Blakly, done in conference.

                                                                                                D. G. Roberts   Moderator

                                                                                                J. M. Counce    Clerk


Bethel met in conference on Saturday before the 4th Sunday in October 1896


On unfinished business D. G. Roberts made- - - -   James Jinkins case ? for one month. D Roberts ? ? in full fellowship.  Dasy Marlar conferred till next meeting.  The committee on J. T. Counce ask to give anther month to consider the case.  Was granted to next on Saturday before the fourth Sunday in November 1896 is set for that to call a pastor.  Business conference closed.

                                                                                                D. G. Roberts   Moderator

                                                                                                J. M. Counce    Church Clerk



Saturday preaching by W. Whitiker convened in conference after the doors for membership, none.

A letter was called for Brother Chester was granted.  Then collection taken for the pastor.  Conference closed.                                                      M. W. Whitaker Moderator

                                                                                                J. M. Counce      C. C.


The Baptist Church of Christ

Worshiping at Bethel


Met on Saturday before the fourth Sunday in November 1896.  The church convened in conference.  W. Whitker asked as no unfinished business.  James Jinkins ? Dasy Marlar was conferred till the next meeting.  Committee W. H. Counce, Bird Dufey, D. G. Roberts, J. T. Counce ? acknowledgements was received fellowship.  The church went in to an election for a Paster for the next year.  Brother Whitker was elected.  The church then elected delegates to next fourth Sunday, T. B. Counce, D. G. Roberts to meet at affair November 29, 1896.  Then church then to see if they pay a ? ?.  They agreed to see all the members and report to T. B. Counce before the fifth Sunday meeting.  The motion to adjourn till Saturday before the fourth Sunday in December 1896.

                                                                                                W. Whitker Moderator

                                                                                                J. M. Counce, Ch Cl


The Baptist Church Worshiping at Bethel


Met in conference on the 4th Sunday in December 1897.  The doors of the church was opened.  One joined by letter being Sister J. E. Roberts.  Collection taken up for the Pastor.  Amount paid $3.05

                                                                                                W. T. Young     Moderator       

                                                                                                J. T. Counce    C. C.



We the Baptist Church of Christ

Worshiping at Bethel


Met in conference on the 4th Sunday.  The doors of the church was opened one joined, Brother John Hunnicutt joined the church by letter.      W. T. Young     Moderator

                                                                                                J. T. Counce    C. C.



The Baptist Church Worshiping at Bethel


On Thursday before the fifth Sunday in August 1897.  J. M. Hoover.  The doors of the church was opened.  One was received by letter, six by experience.  The church would send delegates to the fifth Sunday to meet at Pleasant ? W. H. Counce, J. M. Counce as delegates                                 J. M. Hoover     Moderator

                                                                                                J. M. Counce    C. C.


Bethel Church on the 1st Sunday in August 1897


The church convened in conference and letters of W. N. Blanton, Tisly and M. M. Blanton called for letters of dismission which was granted.

J. M. Hoover Moderator                                        J.M Counce CC


Be Counce                                                       By Letter                                              August 1897

E. M Counce                                                    By Letter Florence

M. M. Counce                                       By Letter

W. H. Counce                                       By Letter

Alan Roberts                                                    By Letter

Tildon Gray                                                      By Letter

James Johnson                                                By Letter

C. M. Jenkins                                                   By Letter

Emer Counce

Zora Roberts

Zudie Roberts

Lenah Gray

The Baptist Church of Christ

Worshiping at Bethel


Met in conference Saturday before the third Sunday in September 1897.  The church convened in conference by order of the Clerk, D. G. Roberts acted Moderator.  Unfinished business, the case Dasy Marlar excluded.  New Business the case of Will Berts? For taking the name of God in vain.  Committee J. S. Jinkins, J. S. Roberts, Wm. Counce.  Also case of Osker Blakney for dining? The faith committee T. B. Counce, W. H. Counce, W. W. Roberts.  Then they called for delegates to next the Harmony Association on Friday before the second Sunday in October 1897 which meeting at this place.  (Written in margin of page) J. A. Roberts, W. H. Counce, J. S. Jenkins.  Moved to adjourned till Saturday before the fourth Sunday.           D. G. Roberts   Moderator

                                                                                                J. M. Counce    C. C.


Bethel Church the Baptist Church of Christ

Worshiping at Same


Met in conference Saturday before the fourth Sunday 1897.  The church met in conference the case of Will Roberts come up and ask the Church to pray for him.  The Church accepted the acknowledgment.  The case of Osker Blakney was excluded.  Also the church no other business.  The Church agreed to meet  on Saturday before the next LordÕs day in  November.

D. G. Roberts   Moderator                                                        J. M. Counce    C. C.



The Baptist Church Worshiping at Bethel


Met in conference on Saturday before the fourth Sunday in October 1897.  The first business, J. M. Counce resigned as C. Clerk and his resignation was received and J. T. Counce was elected Ch. C.  Election was held to elect Pastor for the next year.  Brother Young was elected pastor.  Collection was taken up.  Marcas Fowler, S. R. Roberts $2.50, J. M. Counce $5.00, D. G. Roberts $5.00, T. B. Counce 4.00, D. S. Roberts 2.50, R. C. R. 2.50, J. T. C. 2.50, W. H. C. 2.50, L. C. R. 1.00, H. L. R. 1.00, Allen R. 1.00, W. C. R. 1.00, D. H. R. 1.50, Till Gray 2.50, Walter R. 2.00, Jesy McDuffy 1.00 Ð Total amt. $37.00


Then the church agreed to represent in the 5th Sunday meeting at Centerhill on Friday before the 5th Sunday in October and elected Delegates to represent us as followers.  J. M. Counce, D. G. R., J. S. R and the church appointed C. C. to notify Brother Young that he was called to Pastor this church. Conference closed by singing led by D. G. R.                                                                                                           D. G. Roberts   Moderator

                                                                                    J. T. Counce    C. C.


The Baptist Church of Christ Worshiping at Bethel


Met in conference on Saturday before the fourth Sunday in November 1897.  Business called for and nothing found.  J. S. Jenkins agreed to pay the Pastor $5.00.  Motion Conference closed.

                                                                                                W. T. Young     Moderator

                                                                                                J. T. Counce    C. C.



We the Baptist Church of Christ

Worshiping at Bethel


Met in conference on Saturday before the fourth Sunday in October 1898.  First business called for members, none.  Unfinished business, none.  We agree to represent the 5th Sunday meeting.

Delegates, Willie Counce, J. S. Roberts, Alex Roberts.  Moved and second that we adjourn

                                                                                                W. T. Young     Moderator

                                                                                                J. T. Counce    C. C.


The Bethel Church of Christ


Met in conference on Saturday before the first Sunday in May.  First business to elect a moderator for the day.  It was moved and second that Bro. J. S. Roberts as Moderator.  Motion carried, moved and second to re-elect a preacher for this year.  Brother Whitker was elected as Pastor.

T. Counce resigned as Church Clerk.  Brother D. S. Roberts elected as Clerk.

                                                                                                J. S. Roberts    Moderator

                                                                                                D. S. Roberts   C. C.

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On 27th August 1898 called for business.  Moved and second that the clerk to write a letter to represent in the association.  Moved and second to furnish the church house, motion accepted.  Moved and second that we elect a committee to supervise the work, motion accepted.  Committee as follows, J. T. Counce, J. S. Jinkins, D. G. Roberts, J. S. Roberts elected.  Collection was taken for the purposes of finishing the house.  Amount promised $10.50.  Motion for adjournment accepted.

                                                                                                W. T. Young     Moderator

                                                                                                J. S. Roberts    C.C. Proten



The Baptist Church Worshiping at Bethel


Met in conference on the 5th Sunday in April 1899.  The doors of the Church was opened and 2 joined by experience and Baptism, Charley Jenkins and Emer Counce.

                                                                                                J. M. Hoover     Moderator

                                                                                                J. T. Counce    C. C.


The Baptist Church of Christ Worshiping at Bethel


Met in conference on the 4th Sunday in February 1898. The doors of the church was opened.  Called for members, none.  Collection was taken up $2.05 received for the Pastor.

                                                                                                W. T. Young     Moderator

                                                                                                J. T. Counce    C. C.


The Baptist Church of Christ Worshiping at Bethel


Met in conference on Saturday before the fifth Sunday in May 1898.  Church called for members, none presented.  Moved and second that we have the minutes read at the close of each meeting.  Moved that we represent in the 5th Sunday meeting.  Delegates, D. G. Roberts, Walter Roberts, D. S. Roberts, J. M. Counce.                                                

W. T. Young     Moderator

                                                                                                J. T.                 C. C.


Moved and Second to meet on Saturday in June 1898.



We the Baptist Church of Christ

Worshiping at Bethel July 22, 1899


Met in conference on Saturday before the fourth Sunday in July 1899.  First business called for members, none.  Unfinished business, none.  We agree to represent in the fifth Sunday Meeting.  Delegate J. M. Counce, W. H. Counce, C. M. Jenkins.  The church made a resolultion against playing dominoes, playing bass and pitching dollars on Sunday.

                                                                                                W. W. Whitaker Moderator

                                                                                                Sanders Roberts  C. C.



August 26, 1899

We the Baptist Church of Christ Worshiping at Bethel


Met in conference on Saturday before the fourth Sunday in August.  First business called for members, none.  No new business.  Minutes read and approved.

                                                                                                W. W. Whitaker Moderator

                                                                                                Sanders Roberts  C. C.



September 26, 1899

We the Baptist Church worshiping at Bethel


After preaching, the church met in conference.  First business call for members, none.  Next call for delegates to represent us in the Association and elected, J. M. Counce, D. G. Roberts, T. B. Counce.

                                                                                                W. W. Whitaker Moderator

                                                                                                Sanders Roberts


September 31

We the Baptist church Worship at Bethel


Met in conference on Saturday before the first Sunday in October.  Call for unfinished business.  Then the letter was prepared for the Association, read adopted.  Moved and second that we elect a pastor for this year.  W. T. Young was elected.  Moved and second that we elect a treasurer, Sanders Roberts elected.


We the Baptist Church of Christ

Worship at Bethel


Met in conference on Saturday preceding the 1st LordÕs day October 1901 with Brother J. M. Counce moderator proten.  Selected the following brother as delegates to the Association.  W. H. Counce, C. M. Jenkins, D. G. Roberts.





List of Members Bethel Church

September 21, 189?



G. D. Roberts                                                                                                   1

L. C. Roberts                                                                                                    2

W. C. Sawyers                                                                                                  3

J. S. Roberts                                                                                                    4

John T. Counce                                                                                                           5

Sanders Roberts                                                                                              6

T. S. Roberts                                        Excluded                                              7

David Roberts                                                                                                  8

J. A. Jenkins                                        Ex                                                        9

John Counce                                                                                                   10

Irvin Roberts                                                                                                     11

Mandy Sawyers                                                                                                            12

Susie Byrd                                                                                                       13

Nancy Counce                                                                                                 14

Sarah E. Counce                                                                                             15

Nancy Battes                                                                                                   16

W. C. Roberts                                                                                                   17

J. S. Jenkins                                                                                                    18

M. J. Roberts                                                                                                    19

M. S. Jenkins                                                                                                   20

Abner McGee                                                                                                   21

Ann Roberts                                                                                                     22

Ella Counce                                                                                                     23

Mat Counce                                                                                                     24

Will Roberts                                          (This line erased)                                             

Harris Counce                                                                                                  25

Liddia Counce                                                                                                  26

T. B. Counce                                                                                                    27

Matta Counce (T. B. C. wife)                                                                             28

Coly Roberts                                                                                                    29                                                                                                       


W. N. Blanton                           Letter dismissed                                               30

Lisy Blanton                                         Letter                                                   31

M. M. Blanton                           Lettered                                                           32

Walter Roberts                                                                                                 33

W. H. Counce                                                                                                   34

Lisy Counce                                                                                                     35

James Aday (Marked through)                                                                          36

Osker Blakney                          Dismissed                                                         37

Bessie Turner Jenkins                                                                                      38

Arther Roberts                                                                                                  39

Daisy Jenkins                           Excluded                                                          40

E. H. Autry                                           Dead                                                    41

Elisabeth Times                                                                                                            42

Luti Hoover                                          Dismissed by Letter                              43

Sidney Chastain                                   By Letter                                              44

Henry Gray                                                                                                       45

Will Thomas                                                                                                      46

Nora Counce                                                                                                    47

Bettie McDuffy                                                                                                  48

Georgeie McDuffy                                                                                            49

Jessie McDuffy                                                                                                 50

Frances McDuffy                                                                                              51

J. A. Roberts                                                                                                    52

James Johnson                                                                                                            53

J. W. Counce                                                                                                   54

S. T. Gray                                                                                                        55

M. W. Counce                                                                                                  56

H. M. Counce                                                                                                   57

Re Counce                                           By Letter                                              58

J. E. Roberts                                        By Letter                                              59



Charley Jenkins                                                                                                            62

Emmer Counce                                                                                                63


Agreed to Pay:

J. H. Counce                            J. S. Roberts                            D. G. Roberts

T. B. Counce                            A. L. Roberts                            W. H. Counce

W. W. Roberts              L. D. Roberts