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O'Leary family

Notes on the O’Leary family..... August 2002 This is a work in progress. My paternal grandmother, born Helen Evelyn Cave in 1903 to Lena
(O’Leary) Cave and Arthur Cave was the third child of Lena born during her second marriage. Lena worked as a domestic servant and when my grandmother was just a toddler, she went to live with her grandparents, Michael and Mary O’Leary who had been born in Ireland ca. 1828 and came to America ca. 1851.

According to the death record of Michael ( he died in 1908 at the age of 72) his parents were John and Margaret O’Leary. Mary died in 1913 and her parents were Timothy and Bridget Lahane. After Michael’s death, Mary and her family, including my grandmother, Evelyn took a house in South Providence at 14 Rugby Street. After Mary’s death my grandmother was raised by the two spinster aunts, called “Nae” and Nora. Nae was born in the 1860’s and lived well into her 90’s. I still remember my father taking my sister Becky and I to visit her in the 1960’s. Nora died in 1949. Much of my father’s family history took place in South Providence. Luckily there are excellent records in Rhode Island to document this history.

photo of Evelyn Cave, as schoolgirl in Providence, RI.

Below is a picture that I am pretty certain is Michael and Mary O"Leary taken about 1906-1907

1900 census
1 Mountain Street
Michael O'Leary, age 75, born Oct. 1825 * he and she say that they came to US in 1851, have lived here for 43 years and they were naturalized citizens.
Mary O'Leary (wife) born May 1828., age 72 * she says she bore 9 children, 7 were alive
Michael, son, born Aug. 1875, age 25, listed as an invalid
Nora, daughter, born Jan. 1872, age 28
Nellie, daughter, born May 1875, age 25
Lena Norton was living in household of Daniel Wright 28 Bradford Street ( a few streets away) age 34, servant. On the census she states that she is the mother of two children, and two are alive.
Right below Lena were listed two children (as boarders) named Annie, age 14, born May 1886 and Ethel, age 5, born February 1895. These are Lena's daughters by first husband, Thomas J. Norton.

In 1880 at 50 Acorn Street
Michael O'Leary age 48, born in Ire
Mary, wife, age 48, born in Ire
John, age 21, born in RI
Michael, age 19, born in RI
Lena, age 17, born in RI
Honora, age 15, born in RI
Ella O'Leary age 13, born in RI
Timothy, age 9 born in RI.

(Below is a photo of Timothy O'Leary taken after 1912

1870, Ward 4, page 81 and 82
Michael Leary, age 40, Laborer, born in Ire
Mary, wife, age 40, born in Ire
Mary, age 14, born in Ire, works in woolen mills
John, age 12, born in RI, school
Michael, age 10, born in RI, school
Lena, age 8, born in RI, school
Honora, age 6, born in RI, school
Ellen, age 5, born in RI, school

And of course, the elusive 1910, the one I spent so much time looking for...
1 Mountain Street
ED 189, sheet 27
Maria O O'Leary age 74, born in Ireland, widow, 10 children, 7 alive
Nora F. , daughter, age 42
Ellen F. daughter, age 42, worked in woolen mill
Ellen E. Cave (Grammy), age 7, granddaughter
I started to check the 1860 but gave up, I'll try later

Below are photos of Nora (left) and Nae (right) Nora was born "Honora O'Leary and Nae was born "Ellen O'Leary" but was known as Ella, Nellie and Nae at various times in her long life. The last picture is one of Nae taken in 1950's (probably 1955) at our house during Christmas. She was much loved in our family