Photo albums

The links on this page will go to Picasa web albums. Where possible I have tried to label the photos. If you have more information on any, please let me know.

The reason there are a list of albums ( Album 1, Album 2, Album 3 in many cases is... they were added over time. They are somewhat chronological, so the older pictures are usually in the first albums under a family name, and the newer photos in the later albums. I should re organize them, but just haven't found the time. So, for now these are the photos of people from my family and my husband's family.

Part of family research is getting facts, where there might be few facts to gather. This requires a dedicated genealogist to go "tombstone hunting". It seems a little strange, but the sight of a graveyard can sometimes be exciting.. ( my husband used to say when we would pass by a cemetery... "there are your people, Beryl... wanna stop ?"  Anyway, these are records. So you will find those photos of family headstones in the Records section of the website.

Reid Family

O'Leary Family

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