Making a tree available

posted May 8, 2012, 8:10 AM by Beryl Reid   [ updated May 8, 2012, 12:37 PM ]

There are a lot of genealogy sites on the web. I once heard someone state .."next to pornography, genealogy is the most widely used activity on the internet". When I was re doing my own site, I realized I wanted to make the research I've done available to family members and others who may be searching for some of the same people in their families. The best way to keep a really large family tree organized is with a genealogy program that can create a special type of file called a "". This is a file that is specifically designed to keep the sometimes complicated relationships among people in a family straight.

My own progam of choice, that I have been using for over ten years now, is called "Geditcom", by John Nairn. At the time I was starting back in 1999 there were very few programs for genealogy that would work on a Macintosh. I found "Geditcom", learned to use it, and loved it. I still do. John has kept it up to date and keeps adding great new features. He has also kept the price low, ($19.00)  so many can afford to use it.

After creating the family tree file in the program, you can export the special file mentioned above, ( .ged ) This can then be used by most good genealogy programs, both on a computer and online. The file is a standard for genealogy.

I have chosen to add my .ged files and family trees to one of the oldest and still free websites dedicated to family research. Rootsweb, although it is now owned by, you can still use it and view it for free. So if I put the family trees there, I can provide a link for viewing that family and others don't have to sign up or join to see. I hope they can continue this site!

Other sites may offer more "bells and whistles", but I don't need them really, when you can have a freely available tree to visitors... that's priceless!