Drusilla has a face

posted Jun 13, 2014, 5:37 PM by Beryl Reid

As I said " Mysteries take time.." I recently visited my aunt Nellie in Tennessee. She casually mentioned that she had a few old photos that someone in the family had dropped off and she thought I might be interested in them. When I realized who was in one of the photos, my jaw dropped to the floor! It was a labeled photo of Drusilla McKee and her daughter, Martha Elizabeth Sanders. They are in funeral attire so it may have been around the time of the funeral of her second husband, Andrew Stout. On the back was written "Mrs. Bettie McKinney and her mother, Mrs. Stout. So now I actually know what she looked like! So here she is, in a photo, one of my mysteries .. coming in to clearer view.

Drusilla McKee was my grandmother's great grandmother. She was born in 1842 and died in 1912. She was in her 20s during the Civil War and outlived 2 husbands and raised three daughters. My grandmother, Drue was named after her and I was given her name as my middle name. But I never had any physical, visual  image of her. I had only seen her headstone ( very old and fading) and heard a few stories about her. Until last week....