Welcome to my Family History 

My Grandmother, the mother of my mother, was a natural story teller. She would gather us around and bring her life and her people alive for us. Sometimes it would be sparked by a question, sometimes an old picture or often, just the urge to teach us something about the colorful characters we came from. We loved her and we adored her stories. She is the little girl in the last picture to the right in the photos above. 

Research in family history is like a detective story. The kind that every clue uncovered reveals a new mystery to follow. There are amazing discoveries and frustrating brick walls. It is just interesting enough to keep you in a dark quiet booth staring at miles and miles of microfilm. My grandmother, Drue started this and I wish she were here to enjoy it.

My father, Gordon Reid ( second from left above ) also loved family history. He was the collector of tidbits, papers, photos and clues in his family. A few years before he died he tried to leave me a map, in the form of notes on his recollections of the facts. His grandfather came to this country from Rutherglen, Scotland. When I started to do serious research after my father died, his notes were source of my starting points. He would have loved to know that some of the strangest items in his notes turned out to be critical to the search. If you are starting a family history search, don't ignore or discount any of the family "tall tales". They usually have truth at their core. 

The photo here is a mystery. It was in my father's collected photographs. The photo was unlabeled. There have been times I would stare at it and scream ( in my head ) "who are you??!!" 

They don't answer. I may never know. But maybe someday, a tiny clue will appear and the family will get names. One of the women in the photo looks like my cousin Pam.

It's the stories, the clues, and the need to know that keeps family history in my head and heart.